You see, Dear Readers, both T.O.T.W., and the BSG both have this expectation that someone who bitched and moaned about being in a bad relationship would (get ready) actually get OUT of said relationship. Anything else is reminiscent of childhood playground pranks that involve repeating the phrase “stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself” over and over and over.

The truth, T.O.T.W. is much more sinister: these girls do not really want to be with you, nor are they actually ready to leave their unhappy, unsatisfying, wimp-inducing relationships. No. What they actually want is to be wanted. Specifically, they want to be wanted by YOU. This is completely safe for them; they can hang out with you, whine about their boyfriends, and be freed from any pesky decision making. The BSG encourages you to cut the cord; tell them to call when they’re single.

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